Direct Anterior Hip Replacement with Dr. Michael Higgins

Direct anterior hip replacement has many advantages, also known as Jiffy Hip. The most significant benefit is a quicker recovery. Patients who undergo Jiffy Hip replacement routinely go home the same day. Patients are up and walking and climbing stairs within an hour after surgery. Typically, patients will spend less time on a cane, less time in physical therapy, and less time with a limp/ This quick return to mobility allows individuals to regain their independence and return to their daily lives faster than with traditional approaches. 

The quicker recovery time is because the direct anterior hip replacement is a muscle-sparing hip replacement. This means no muscles are cut or split. Traditional hip replacements require surgeons to cut through and detach posterior muscles. The direct anterior approach involves accessing the hip joint from the front with smaller incisions and working between the muscles. There is less disruption to the surrounding tissues, and as a result Jiffy Hip patients experience significantly reduced pain, and weakness, and will often have a faster recovery. 

Precision is another advantage of the Jiffy Hip because the procedure allows enhanced visibility and access to the hip joint. A portable X-Ray known as a Fluoroscopy is used during the procedure to precisely position the implant, ensuring optimal alignment and stability. Robotics are also used when when it is an anatomically complex case. This precision allows a natural feeling hip and o[ptimal longevity of your new hip. Additionally the direct anterior hip approach often leads to fewer hip dislocations compared to other methods. Preservation of critical soft tissues means enhanced stability of the implant contributing to a lower risk or hip joint dislocation. 

Finally, this technique tends to have fewer restrictions on postoperative activities. Patietns can often resume normal daily activities sooner and with less pain. The direct anterior hip replacement empowers patients by getting them back to their lives and the thing they love to do.  

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