Hip Replacement

Discussing Outpatient Mako Hip Replacement with Dr. Colin Kingston

Hip Replacement


Hip replacement surgery removes diseased or damaged portions of the hip and replaces them with implants.  This is done to restore function and mobility in the hip joint.  The anterior approach to hip replacement allows the surgeon to work between the major muscle groups and preserve muscle tissue.  This may minimize recovery time for the patient. 

Jiffy Hip with Dr. Michael Higgins

Meet the Mako with Dr. Kingston

Dr. Colin Kingston gives an overview of the benefits of our new advanced joint replacement technology for both surgeon and patients. Then takes questions from those watching online! The Stryker Mako System transforms the way joint replacement surgery is performed, enabling surgeons to have a more predictable surgical experience with increased accuracy. Our Mako offers two assisted surgical systems, the total hip and total knee

Osteoarthritis of the Hip


This type of arthritis, also called "degenerative joint disease," is a breakdown of the cartilage in your hip joint. As this protective cartilage wears away, bone rubs against bone. Bony growths called "bone spurs" may form in the joint. Pain from osteoarthritis can keep you from being as active as you like.