DeQuervain's Tenosynovitis Surgery

Robert M. Campolattaro, M.D.

General Timeline: 

 Immediately following surgery, your wrist will be wrapped in a supportive dressing and Ace wrap until your 3-5 day follow up with Hand Therapy. 
3-5 day follow up with Hand Therapy:

 Incision check/range of motion check

 Post-op incision care instructions(okay to wash incision with warm water and antibacterial soap) 
2 week follow up visit with physician assistant:

 Suture removal  

 Incision check/range of motion check

 Home exercise program provided 

What to expect after Dequervain's Surgery:

 Increased difficulty doing basic tasks (especially during the first 2 weeks post op)  

 Pain, soreness, sensitivity, and discomfort around incision site

 Potential immediate resolution of the sharp pain associated with Dequervain's Tenosynovitis

 Gradual resolution of soreness and range of motion