Approach To Care

The Team at Tidewater Orthopaedics strives to provide you the highest level of specialty orthopaedic care. The Specialist dedicate themselves to becoming experts in specific areas of orthopaedics. They have completed additional specialty training (fellowship) at some of the best teaching institutions in the United States, obtained certificates of added qualification in their field, or have narrowed their practice to one particular specialty, such as trauma, where they have become an expert.

The doctors operate at the Orthopaedic Hospital at Sentara CarePlex and the CarePlex Orthopaedic Ambulatory Surgery Center, which comprise the only dedicated orthopaedic hospital in the region. You may have your surgery at the Sentara Joint Replacement Center. These locations provide specialized care in orthopaedics and this has been shown to reduce complications and improve outcomes.

Tidewater Orthopaedics' therapy department has also adopted this specialty model. The hand therapy department features therapists with advanced certification in hand therapy. The physical therapy department provides advanced rehabilitation techniques through focus on orthopaedic disorders.

At the imaging center, you will find the latest advances in X-ray technology – machines that move around you to take an X-ray rather than you having to contort around the machine. The images are available immediately in a digital format where they can be manipulated for a better image or measured for more accuracy. The onsite MRI is a large bore, full body MRI with dedicated orthopaedic scan coils. As a patient, this often means a shorter, more comfortable scanning experience. We offer ultrasound for diagnosis of soft tissue lesions or areas of fluid collection. This technology is unique to many orthopaedic practices and facilitates a more rapid diagnosis.

The worker’s compensation department, WorkAbility, has a dedicated registered nurse with years of worker’s compensation experience. She is capable of bridging the gaps between medical care, return to active employment, and the legal requirements of workman’s compensation laws. The specialty doctors are dedicated to returning the employee to work while providing the best orthopaedic treatment.

These areas of specialization provide the best patient experience and best outcomes for patients.