Finding Relief Through Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery

Doctor Spotlight

Feb 01, 2024

Bessie Williams teaches Zumba at Windsor Meade after Total Knee Replacement with Dr. Colin Kingston

After years of dealing with worsening arthritis and knee pain, Bessie Williams knew she needed help. An active retiree who teaches fitness classes and works as a teaching assistant, Bessie had tried various remedies - physical therapy, Pilates, yoga - but nothing provided lasting relief. The pain was significantly impacting her quality of life.

Upon the recommendation of some teacher colleagues who had undergone knee replacement surgery, Bessie made an appointment with Dr. Colin Kingston at Tidewater Orthopaedics. During her consultations with Dr. Kingston, he patiently listened to her concerns, examined her knee, and recommended robotic knee replacement surgery. He explained how the advanced MAKO robot allows for a highly precise and customized joint replacement.

Bessie was initially nervous about undergoing surgery, but Dr. Kingston and the caring OR nurses helped put her at ease. She was amazed at the level of attention and support she received before, during, and after her procedure.

Within about two months, although modified initially, Bessie was already back teaching her Zumba classes. Now, a year later, she is pain-free and able to walk around her large school without any problems. Her knee no longer limits her active lifestyle.

Bessie is so grateful to have found compassionate care from Dr. Kingston and relief through robotic knee replacement surgery. She encourages anyone dealing with severe knee arthritis and pain to consider this life-changing option. Don't wait to regain your mobility and quality of life!

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