Harnessing Ginger's Health Perks This Holiday Season

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Nov 30, 2023


The distinctive, spicy flavor of ginger root makes it a popular ingredient in many winter holiday recipes. But did you know ginger also offers notable anti-inflammatory effects?

This holiday season, consider incorporating ginger into your diet and recipes to ease joint pain, arthritis symptoms or sports injury swelling. Ginger contains the phytochemical gingerol, which research shows can reduce inflammation levels throughout the body.

You can take advantage by:

  • Sipping ginger tea several times a week
  • Adding freshly grated ginger to marinades, soups, and stir-fries
  • Enjoying pickled ginger with rich holiday meals
  • Baking classic gingerbread cookies with extra ginger spice
  • Savoring mulled apple cider with ginger root boiled in
  • Using ginger ale or beer as the base for festive cocktails

Consuming ginger regularly provides an aromatic, flavorful way to naturally suppress inflammation- which benefits long-term orthopedic health. Just be sure to enjoy responsibly during the holidays!

As your orthopaedic specialists, we wish you a warm, cheerful, and pain-free holiday season. Let us know if you have any other questions about dietary anti-inflammatories like ginger.

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