Advantages of the Ready Knee, knee Replacement

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Oct 03, 2023

The Ready Knee is a knee replacement by Dr. Michael Higgins at Tidewater Orthopaedics in Hampton, Suffolk, and Williamsburg, Virginia. This muscle-sparing, robotic knee replacement changes the lives of those with arthritis in the knees. Here are some of the advantages of this remarkable technology.

Muscle Sparing Approach

The Ready Knee procedure utilizes a muscle sparring approach, which means no muscles or tendons are cut during your knee replacement. Because of this, there is less disruption to surrounding tissues. The quadriceps muscle and the quadricep tendon are cut in a traditional knee replacement. This can lead to lengthy recoveries with increased pain and weakness. With the Ready Knee procedure, all muscles are preserved, accelerating recovery and reducing postoperative pain.

Precise Accuracy

Precision is the second key advantage of the Ready Knee. The robotic system provides Dr. Higgins with real-time, three-dimensional imaging, allowing unparalleled accuracy in aligning and positioning the prosthetic knee joint. This precision ensures a better fit, improved range of motion, and a reduced risk of complications, such as implant loosening or misalignment. Patients can expect optimal longevity and a more natural feel to their new knee.

Faster Recovery
These benefits of muscle-sparing robotic knee replacement equate to faster recovery. Thanks to the procedure's minimally invasive nature, most patients can go home the same day and begin physical therapy in earnest sooner. With quicker mobilization, individuals regain their independence faster and return to their active lifestyles sooner.

With the Ready Knee procedure, there is a better overall patient experience than traditional knee replacement. The Ready Knee represents a significant leap forward with its muscle-sparing robotic approach. The advantages of robotic precision and preserving the integrity of the muscles allow for a faster recovery and better-performing knee.

If you or a loved one are suffering from knee arthritis, schedule a consultation with Dr. Michael Higgins to learn more. 

Dr. Michael Higgins is a board-certified Orthopaedic Surgeon specializing in Hip and Knee Replacement. To book an appointment, please click this link or call 757-827-2480

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