Stop Smoking and Help Your Orthopaedic Health

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Jan 18, 2024


When you quit smoking, there are many benefits to your health, but you probably didn't consider your orthopaedic health. When our patients ask us if quitting tobacco makes a difference in skeletal and muscle health, we tell them absolutely.  

Stopping smoking impacts orthopedic wellness in profound ways at multiple levels, helping bones mend faster, reducing implant failure likelihood, lowering fracture risks over the long term, and alleviating back pain. Here are some ways quitting smoking can benefit your orthopaedic health. 

Healing Helpers 

Smoking impedes circulation and oxygen transport to bone cells, soft tissues, and injury sites attempting to recover from strains, fractures, or surgical repairs. So those vital healing nutrients can't access where they're needed. Quitting smoking opens up vascular channels for significantly boosted blood flow, oxygen, and cell energy. This means faster, more complete healing for bone breaks, sprains, or post-operative sites aiming to regain pain-free function.   

Fracture Fix 

Osteoporosis concerns? Worried about falls as you age? Smoking leaches calcium from bones over years of use and decreases minerals stored in the skeleton. So, bones become far easier to break with day-to-day use and minor injuries. Kicking the tobacco habit helps stabilize bone mineral density for much sturdier support. It's one of the most effective ways older adults can avoid fracturing hips and other bones—preventing major mobility, independence, and lifespan setbacks. 

Total Joint Security  

Smoking cessation protects your investment for those with new knee or hip replacements. Residual toxins interfere with the bone and soft tissue integration essential for implant stability and survival year to year. This makes failure requiring additional surgery more likely. Avoid lighting up post-operation and ensure new hardware sticks by feeding your tissues nourishing oxygen via quitting completely.  

Spine Sparing  

Back pain plagues you each morning? Studies show smokers suffer more frequent lower back aches and disorders than non-smokers. Why? Those ivory cylinders in your spine depend on sturdy bones and supple, strong muscles and tissues to stay aligned and move smoothly. Smoking impacts all those supportive structures through suppressed blood flow, mineral loss, and reduced oxygen. Say farewell to tobacco for good and say hello to a supple, pain-free back! 

We know that quitting smoking is not easy. We encourage you to speak to your primary care physician today about custom smoking cessation strategies. But know that eliminating tobacco use gives nearly all our patients quicker recovery, stronger support, and lasting mobility to enjoy life's most active moments. Please help us help you achieve better orthopaedic health for years ahead by stamping out smoking for good! 

 If you're experiencing pain or discomfort or are worried about orthopaedic conditions, make an appointment with one of our experienced providers. We have offices in Hampton, Williamsburg, and North Suffolk. Click here to make your appointment, or call our office at (757) 827-2480.

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