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May 29, 2018

As told by Brandon Thompson, Administrator of CarePlex Orthopaedic ASC

Ambulatory surgery centers—often called ASCs—are innovative medical facilities that focus on providing same-day outpatient surgical care. I am the administrator of CarePlex Orthopaedic ASC (COASC), the only ASC in the area specializing specifically in orthopaedics. With our entire focus on orthopaedics, we are able to provide the safest surgical environment, the top-rated staff, and the best instruments in the field.

Last year, we performed 3,500 procedures and had three infections total, which is a 0.086% infection rate. We achieved this unbelievably low number by breaking down the areas where infection is a risk and maintaining a goal of 100% accuracy in antibiotics protocols. In the cases where there was an infection, it was reported to our Quality Control Committee, who extensively evaluated each case to ensure the efficacy of our protocols. We have a commitment to excellence and will continue striving to make our facility the safest option for a patient’s surgery.

In addition, we were in the top 3% of ASCs in the country for patient satisfaction, with a 97% patient satisfaction rate. This evaluation was based on each patient's entire experience, from the initial phone call to the last follow-up phone call. We were rated highest in competency of care by our nurses, highest in competency and bedside manner of our surgeons, and highest in management of the patient’s postoperative pain. These evaluations are a testament to our commitment to excellence and are only possible if every single staff member remains devoted to the highest possible level of care and brings their best every single day.

Finally, we implemented new technology that affords us the best outcomes possible. We are the only ASC in the region to utilize a 4K video system, which allows for clarity of the joint that the naked eye cannot see. The picture displayed using this system has four times the resolution of a normal system, a wider color gamut, and dramatically improved contrast and depth of field, which all delivers unsurpassed clarity and precision. We are also the only ASC in the region to use an advanced navigation software system for total knee replacements, so we are able to make more precise incisions and decrease surgical time. Decreasing surgical time leads to overall better postoperative recovery.

These claims are things we are extremely proud of, and many wonder how we achieve them. Three areas that set us apart and contribute to our success are: specialization, teamwork, and attention to detail.

  1. Specialization
    All nurses and clinical staff are trained by the orthopaedic doctors in each procedure at least a week before it is performed, ensuring that they are fully prepared once it is time for surgery. Since we are exclusively focused on orthopaedics, the staff members perform the same procedures day in and day out.  In addition to training from doctors, the clinical staff is trained by representatives from each medical supply company on all instruments and equipment.
  2. Teamwork
    Every surgeon and staff member at COASC takes a teamwork approach for each aspect of the patient experience. The doctors involve nurses and clinical staff in every conversation so everyone is on the same page about how to best meet the needs of each individual patient. This communication is a crucial component of surgery and the main reason we have such a low infection rate. Everyone—from surgeons to nurses to technologists and technicians—is in constant communication to ensure that we are meeting our 100% protocol accuracy goal for each case. This approach facilitates a rhythm among staff members and helps everyone to work as one cohesive unit.
  3. Attention to Detail
    Every employee has a specific role that is intended to improve the patient experience. In addition to being the administrator, I am the patient navigator. At least one week prior to surgery, I bring each patient in, along with the person who will be taking them to and from surgery. They meet staff, tour the facility, and find out what to expect the day of surgery. We also go over how to best prepare for the at-home recovery. When the patient is released to go home, I provide an additional level of care by following up and being a 24/7-point-of-contact. I answer any questions and resolve any issues the patient may have and connect the patient to the doctor whenever necessary. Implementing this role is an additional measure we have taken to ensure the most optimal patient experience possible.

In orthopaedics, it is especially important to have dedicated staff. We have an extremely low nurse-to-patient ratio of 1:2, which guarantees that each patient will receive an exceptional degree of individualized care. Our doctors, nurses, and clinical staff are specialists in their field, they take a teamwork approach, and they pay close attention to every detail—from start to finish—to ensure that each patient has a smooth and successful experience. While there is a growing number of ASCs, we are proud to be one of a kind.

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