Walking on Sunshine: How a Podiatrist Can Help Keep Your Feet Happy

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Apr 10, 2023

Podiatrists are medical professionals who specialize in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of foot and ankle conditions. They play a vital role in maintaining the health and mobility of the lower extremities. Some of the most common foot and ankle conditions treated by podiatrists include:

Plantar Fasciitis: a condition that causes pain and stiffness in the heel and arch. This can make it difficult to walk or stand for prolonged periods of time. Podiatrists can diagnose plantar fasciitis and provide treatment options such as physical therapy and orthotic inserts.

Athlete's Foot: a fungal infection that affects the skin on the feet. It is caused by a fungus that grows on the skin, usually in warm, moist environments such as locker rooms and showers. Podiatrists can prescribe medication and give advice on how to prevent future infections.

Bunions: a bony protrusion at the base of the big toe, caused by the misalignment of the bones in the foot. Podiatrists can provide treatment options such as padding and orthotics.

Hammertoes: a deformity in which the second, third, or fourth toes are bent at the middle joint, causing them to resemble a hammer. Podiatrists can provide treatment options such as padding, and orthotics.

Ankle sprains: an injury that occurs when the ligaments that support the ankle are stretched or torn. Treatment options include rest and physical therapy.

Diabetic Foot Care: people with diabetes have an increased risk of foot problems due to poor circulation and nerve damage. Podiatrists can provide special care to help prevent and treat foot complications in patients with diabetes, such as regular foot exams and custom orthotic inserts.

Regular check-ups and preventative care can help keep the feet healthy and catch any problems early. If you are experiencing any pain, discomfort or are worried about any foot and ankle conditions, consult with a podiatrist. They can help you take the steps necessary to maintain healthy feet and keep you on your feet.

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