What is a Torn Rotator Cuff?

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Jun 03, 2021

The Rotator Cuff is known as the group of tendons and muscles surrounding the shoulder joint. These tendons and muscles are meant to keep the upper arm bone firmly within the shoulder socket. A Rotator Cuff tear is when one of these tendons or muscles tears, which causes a dull ache in the shoulder that becomes increasingly more painful when the shoulder is used away from the body.

Rotator Cuff injuries are fairly common and usually increase with age. These types of injuries may happen earlier in people who have jobs that require them to perform overhead motions such as a painter or carpenter.

However, Rotator Cuff injuries can also happen as a result of a single injury, such as a contact sport. In cases such as these, it’s best to get a medical evaluation as soon as possible so that potential treatment options may be discussed.


Symptoms of a torn Rotator Cuff include, but are not limited to,

  • Arm weakness
  • Pain that can be described as a dull ache deep in the shoulder
  • Pain that disturbs sleep
  • Difficulty brushing/combing your hair or reaching behind your back
  • Crepitus, otherwise known as a cracking sensation when moving your shoulder in certain positions

If you feel as though you may be suffering from a Rotator Cuff tear, or are suffering from pain in the shoulder in general, you can make an appointment online with one of our highly trained specialists at https://tidewater-orthopaedics.inquicker.com/.  Our specialists are all board-certified, fellowship-trained, and have all obtained further education and certifications in their respective areas of study. These factors enable Tidewater Orthopaedics to offer you highly focused, effective care.

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