Benefits of Outpatient Joint Replacement

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Mar 22, 2021

In the not-so-distant past, outpatient total joint replacement was far from prominent. Instead, virtually all patients could expect an inpatient surgical procedure, a night or more in a hospital bed, possible transportation via ambulance, possible inpatient or at-home rehabilitation and, yes, all of the mounting costs associated with such services. Today, these same procedures can be performed in the outpatient setting for many joint replacement candidates, including both hip and knee replacements.

Outpatient total joint replacement has a number of benefits when it comes to the health and the experience of the patient.   

Less-Invasive Technique

The trending of joint replacement procedures to the outpatient setting has fostered new, less-invasive surgical techniques. These techniques, such as the Ready Knee and Jiffy Hip, are muscle sparing – meaning less pain and greater mobility earlier on - while still providing the same durable, lasting implant today’s active patients expect.

Patient Comfort

Following the procedure, inpatient joint replacement is often accompanied with an unfamiliar hospital bed, interrupted sleep, and the awkwardness and discomfort associated with unknown surroundings. Instead, outpatient joint replacement allows patients to begin recovery in the comfort of their own home the very same day!


Outpatient joint replacement costs considerably less than inpatient joint replacement. This means greater value to the patient, often less out of pocket costs and can mean an easier authorization and claims process.

If you’re suffering with hip or knee pain, make your appointment today to find out if outpatient joint replacement is right for you!

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