Celebrating 21 Years of Excellence: Lorri Waye's Tireless Dedication to Tidewater Orthopaedics


Aug 21, 2023


This month we are thrilled to honor and recognize Lorri Waye for her incredible 21 years of service at Tidewater Orthopaedics! As a surgery scheduler and team lead, Lorri has contributed enormously to our practice's operations and success over the past two decades. Her dedication, expertise, and compassion have been invaluable assets to our team and patients.  

 "She is always there to answer questions and is so patient," said Kelly Dinterman, a medical assistant. "Lorri is a fantastic teacher and mentor who explains how to do things correctly and why you should do it that way. She sets you up for success."  

Lorri began her medical career in 1996 by enlisting in the United States Army. Originally from New Orleans, Louisiana, Lorri was first stationed at Ft. Eustis in Newport News in 1999. She joined the Tidewater Orthopedics team when she decided to go into active duty reserves.   

"I find it important to make sure our doctors are prepared and taken care of. It helps them take care of our patients at a high level," said Lorri.   

Lorri believes in having an open mind to patient care and listening to their concerns.  Her favorite part of her job is when patients come back without pain. Throughout her career at Tidewater Orthopaedics, she has worked with several of our doctors, including Dr. Colin Kingston.  

"I have so many interesting and complex patient cases I've worked with Lorri on," says Dr. Kingston. "Her commitment to patients' care is unmatched and she always has a smile on her face. She's a key asset to our entire team. And her casting ability is one of the best I’ve seen."  

Kelly also complimented Lorri on her casting ability.   

"It's like watching an artist. I love her approach to casting and have learned so much," says Kelly.  

 Lorri works with the spine team as Dr. Jonathan Mason's medical assistant and surgery scheduler.   

 "Lorri is tremendously dedicated to us and the patients.  She is so considerate and driven to ensure quality care," says Dr. Mason.  

 When she's not working, Lorri loves spending time with her family and cooking dishes like gumbo—Lorri's leadership and strength are felt throughout the entire Tidewater Orthopaedics organization.  

 "Lorri is the historian, if you can't find or remember something, she is that person who always knows. She's a great mentor to the entire team because she leads by example with consistent care and quality," says Clinic Director Lisa Zysk.  

 We want to thank Lorri for her continued dedication to the success of Tidewater Orthopaedics.  

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